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Sweet Home Photography seamlessly integrates the heart of social work with the artistry of photography to honor the journey of aging. 

Every moment, big or small, has the possibility to shape our lives and our perspectives. Through the lens, SHP captures the essence of these moments and the unwavering resilience of the human spirit. Social work skills used during sessions allow for genuine connections and processing of emotions, resulting in authentic, hopeful, and meaningful images. 

Whether it's documenting the joy of a celebration, wisdom gained from years of life experience, or the transition of downsizing, Sweet Home Photography is dedicated to telling your unique story.  

I am happy to walk alongside you as we navigate what it means to be human--together, one photograph at a time. 

What is Sweet Home Photography all about?

Proud member of GRAPE

As featured in
Cleveland Emotional Health's
Wisdom Room


As featured in
Canvas Rebel

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