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Welcome to Sweet Home Photography! 

My name is Meg Tyo, and I am a photographer and licensed social worker in Rochester, NY. I graduated from Nazareth College with a degree in studio art and photography before pursuing my LMSW. When I am not behind the camera, I work as a mental health therapist and social work research interventionist.

Why choose Sweet Home Photography?

You may be wondering how a photographer became a social worker, or what a social worker is doing with a photography business. Fair question! In reality, the two are not so far apart. Whether I meet you as your therapist or as your photographer, my job is to understand and honor your story.


What is important to you? Who is important to you? How does where you come from shape who you are? What do you want to remember, and what have you overcome? 

Bringing recognition and appreciation to both the small and the big things in life is something that social work and photography have in common. The people and places that we love play such an important role in making us who we are. Photographs allow us to preserve the memories of who and what we value the most for years to come, and I am happy to help capture your story. 

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